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A Lie So Deeply Implanted

You Refuse To Believe The Truth
Even When Displayed On The White House Front Lawn Shown On National TV.
Who Actually Founded
The United States Government??

After Reading This Article
The Truth Will Hit You
Like A Ton Of Bricks.


A Lie So Deeply Implanted!!!!


About Grand Design Exposed

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5 Responses to Introduction

  1. John Barbaro says:

    Just a great website and I thank you for the info I just read. May God continue to inspire and protect you and yours. JB

  2. Well what can you say except PRAISE THE LORD YESHUWA!!! Finally some has the balls to let the truth fly. Great job I love this site .

  3. barbara says:

    we all live by the rising and the setting of the SUN===call it what ever you want. I choose light and warmth and life.

  4. elissa GRACE says:

    As a catholic who read the book of Jeremiah (for research) and just about fell off my chair at “page” 7 of it… startled to see the queen of heaven would provoke God to anger, I kept reading to find out why.. but it just got worse through the rest of the book. I went back a chapter (Isaiah) to see if maybe there was something prior to explain the ‘good reason’ a pope would have to apply the title of queen of heaven to Mary.. maybe God warned them there would be a real “queen of heaven” and maybe this one provoked God to anger because they were told she was an impostor….I obviously did not find such a good explanation. The notes I was taking to ask the priest why we worshiped the` queen of heaven’, grew into a long list of scripture references exposing hundreds of Catholic practices, acts of offensive disobedience and insulting Jesus-Christ-denying ritual that have an “air of godliness but deny the power there of”… From Isaiah, I came across the word ‘ransom’ cross-referenced it to 1 Tim2, kept reading from there, so convicted by the TRUTH and the revelation of Catholic sin, I tear-up still to think of the GREAT MERCY and GRACE Jesus has shown me by taking me into His flock, saving me from the hireling who snuck in to lead us astray… Jesus Christ literally saved me through His Word.. the SPIRIT of His mouth has redeemed me from the clutches of satan. ….so I too think this is badly needed… considering most people I know, including my family are on their way (as I type from my 94 yo, rosary-clutching grandma’s kitchen table)…
    I long for the fellowship I will have one day when my time comes to join the Church… other believers who has read the bible, people I can talk to who will know what I am saying without having to explain it…and thought it looked like that would happen a few different times over the last few years.. the Lord Jesus has only sat me on planes with people who have read the bible. I’m pretty sure it is because as I witness to Catholics, I still have the very solid fact that I have come to my conclusions without protestant influence (not to mention the fact that Calvin and Luther’s error does not overcome the error of the pope… telling men some are chosen for hell, that a clergy should be mediators.. one damnable vain lie is not well traded for another)… so, as I investigate the face of the Church, the words of other Christians like yours, I am earnestly asking explanation for things I see or hear but I do not recognize in scripture..
    So I am posting all this, in such context, to sincerely ask you what reason you have for calling Jesus “YESHUWA”. As someone very sensitive to what is and what is not written… I have to ask one of you “YHSH” guys where you get the evidence for using that name (besides man’s reason) guessing that’s what Jesus was called because He was a Jew who spoke Hebrew. I wondered if it was necessary at first and prayed and the Comforter seems to be telling me it is idolatry for a name is the work of man. My research suggests that after 3 centuries of Hellenization preceded by the Aramaic babylonian exile, it’s quite likely that most of the inhabitants of Israel did NOT speak Hebrew but Koine Greek, which was the lingua Franca. The evidence in the very existence of the Septuagint, which preceded Jesus by over 200y, establishes that clearly many jews spoke Greek for centuries prior to Jesus’s birth and the 26,000 pieces of manuscript evidence referring to Him as Ιησού Χριστού(Jesus Christ) were written in Greek because that is what they were speaking… In other words, Hebrew, like greek and french and english, is a language of men by men for men…it is a tool that men require to convey understanding between themselves because they are incapable of omniscience. It is God alone who reads the hearts of men and that’s why we are convicted of the sin in the heart before we even say the cuss word about the dude driving badly in front of us….When God promises to preserve His word in Psalm12, He does it. When God gets po’d about one language… He scatters. My English bibles say “Jesus”, my textus receptus says Ιησού Χριστού…. Where do you get: “YESHUWA”???

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